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EdX Talks and Workshopes


Presentations by nationally-recognized speakers on education: Ashley Merryman, Barbara Coloroso and Rick LaVoie

January 22, 2014

6:00PM ~ Friends of EdX ($180/person) reception at the McGlohon Theater

7:30PM ~ EdX Talks ($36/person)

January 23, 2014

Join us for a day full of workshops with leading experts, especially for parents, teachers and administrators. All workshops will be held at the Levine Jewish Community Center located at 5007 Providence Rd. Charlotte, NC.

9:30AM ~


Ashley Merryman

11:00AM ~

How to Raise an Ethical Child

Barbara Coloroso

12:30PM ~

Lunch and Round Table Discussions

Gorelick Hall

1:45PM ~

The Motivation Breakthrough

Rick LaVoie

3:45PM ~

When not being wrong, doesn’t make it Right

Barbara Coloroso

To order tickets click here.For more information email or call 704-366-4558